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This is my now page, inspired by Derek Sivers.

Currently working on

  • A simple component library
  • Experimenting with CSS grid and subgrid
  • Removing Sass legacy code from my websites

Currently reading

  • Digital Transformation at Scale: Why the Strategy Is Delivery: Why the Strategy by Andrew Greenway and Ben Terrett
  • Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything by Stephen J. Dubner, Steven Levitt
  • No Nonsense: The Autobiography by Joey Barton

Currently using

Tools aren’t everything but right now I'm using:

Latest posts

Article title Designing digital forms

Published on

Digital transformation provides organisations with the perfect opportunity to redesign legacy paper forms making it quicker and simpler for users to achieve their goal. However, as well as opportunity, creating a digital experience can also introduce new problems, after all paper forms do have some advantages over their digital replacements.

Tagged in: Design

Article title The problem with patterns

Published on

This post discusses potential issues introduced by the use of design patterns from small interaction design patterns, to larger full service patterns.

Tagged in: Design